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New Jersey state government today raises many billion dollars of revenue from corporate and other business taxes, sales and use tax, gross income tax, estate and inheritance taxes and many other forms of taxation created by statutes adopted by the New Jersey legislature. Each of these forms of tax can be complicated and troublesome. Richard M. Conley, LLC, deals with these taxes both at the administrative level and in the courts.

Local municipalities raise billions of dollars of revenue from the local property tax, which is administered by New Jersey's 566 taxing districts and 21 county boards of taxation. The Director of the Division of Taxation has some supervisory role over local property taxation. County tax boards often hear the first level of appeals of assessment issues from taxpayers and taxing districts. Parties can also appeal to the New Jersey Tax Court, the Appellate Division of the Superior Court and the New Jersey Supreme Court.

The law firm of Richard M. Conley, LLC, has handled significant local property tax cases at all these levels, both on behalf of taxing districts and on behalf of taxpayers. Local property tax cases often deal with ad valorem taxation, involving the testimony of expert witnesses who value real property, including super-regional shopping centers, manufacturing and industrial plants, chemical plants, cogeneration plants, interstate pipelines, apartment complexes and any other taxable property. These cases often deal with administrative regulations, the distinction between taxable property and non-taxable property, municipal revaluations, tax exemptions, tax abatements, added and omitted assessments, farmland assessment, roll-back tax assessments and farmland preservation.

Richard M. Conley, LLC will give advice or consultation, will render opinion letters or will litigate regarding any of these issues. The firm has extensive experience in all courts having jurisdiction to deal with any of these areas.

Richard M. Conley, LLC.